DIGITAL ART MEETS MUSIC AT BERGHAIN, curated by Your Mom’s, October 15th 2015.

Not unlike Bonnie Tyler in the iconic Total Eclipse of the Heart video, enter Berlin’s impenetrable boys boarding school of techno and life, watch the spectacle of digital art and live music, experience light and darkness, come out a different person with an acute sense for rampant beauty and the uncanny.
“Once upon a time there was light in my life, But now there’s only love in the dark,
Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart.”

featuring: Peaches, Koudlam, Hyenaz, Jamie Harley, Natacha Mankowski and many others.


The main event had a satellite event in NYC at the Brooklyn Media Center on September 15th.

In Ney York I showed POEM #94, in Berlin I premiered the two videos POEM #112 and POEM #113.

On Thursday the 15th from 7pm to 1am, the main event had 900 guests through the Berghain door including friends, partners, VIPs and press: Vice, Flux FM, Female:Pressure, Urban Ears, NPR, Siegessäule, Party Arty, Urban Spree, Kaltblut, Taz, Berlinische Galerie, Soho House, Deutschland Radio, Groove Magazine, Molly Nilsson, iHeartBerlin, Sugarhigh, Exberliner, Josie T. Johns, Laura Cherrygrove, Mary Ocher, Black Jesus, Silk, Ableton, Berlin Startup Girl, Soundcloud, Native, TOA, BPitch, ZDF, Preview Berlin, Ask Helmut, 25hours Hotel, Berlin Partner and many Berghain regulars.


I had so much fun with this project, the organisers, my artist colleagues and all tht came with it: a radio interview on Flux.FM, a Hyenaz’ feature using my portraits in four.culture (New York), an interview in TAZ blog (Berlin) and in Crazy Animal Face (Manchester). POEM#94 was featured next to Peaches, Hyenaz and Koudlam on tape.tv and daily secret, POEM#90 on iheartberlin, and POEM #75 on wrangelkiez. And yes, I DID my very own cover version of Total Eclipse of the Heart as a teaser. Who would have thought? 😉