OTHER POEMS is a further development of the meta-series THE POEMS.

Despite over 150 years of psychology, the unconscious remains as vague and powerful as the gods it emancipated itself from. As a reservoir of our past experiences, it stores urges and feelings that we rationally have no access to. However some images can open these doors, trigger emotions and unlock memories.

Using archetypes and symbolic acts, Eldagsen’s work speaks to the language of the unconscious and communicates on a dreamlike level. His visual poetry transports the viewer between the sublime and the uncanny – where the attributes of photography, painting, theatre and film unite.

The work is exhibited as site-specific installations with changing combinations of wallpaper, objects, photographs and video. Each new combination is called a LIMBO.

  • Boris Eldagsen’s throbbing night-world imagery is like the ambrosia and nectar of the aesthetic gods. Likened (…) to 3-d holographic tarot cards, the imagery is really about the imagery behind the imagery, like a memory that is deeply situated way in the back of our subconscious minds.

    Fridey Mickel, taz (Germany)

  • It almost feels like you are entering a David Lynch film (…. ) a mythical and futuristic load.

    GUP Magazine (Netherlands)

  • Caspar David Friedrich and the likes would have appreciated this (…) an as dark as inspiring Gesamtkunstwerk.

    Volkmar Draeger, Neues Deutschland (Germany)

  • Boris Eldagsen thwarts our senses and perceptions to bring us to a deeper reflection on the invisible (…)  the door of the divine, of the absolute.

    Agathe Torres, JBT (France)

  • His photographs felt as windows to my inner reality. They take you to limbo, an in-between dimension where you can’t distinguish between real and fictional, foreground and background, clear and blurry. Boris’ Poems gently made me realise that it’s darkness that really allows us to be free, to imagine, to see the unseen.

    Anna Martini, Art Connect Berlin (Germany)


  • Mystic, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin / Germany