Fake Memories of Art History

Promptography (AI-generated images), 2023 – ongoing

PSEUDOMNESIA ( Ψευδο / μνέσια) is the classic Greek term for a pseudo memory, a fake memory, such as a spurious recollection of events that never took place, as opposed to a memory that is merely inaccurate.

Fusing the visual language of 1940s and post-war photography with the history of abstract art, Boris Eldagsen draws a line from the early days of generative art to the generative-AI of today.

These promptographs were made by an elaborated workflow, combining #textprompts, #blend and #imageprompts, followed by #inpainting and #outpainting techniques.

The premiere of these new works will be 7 September – 5 November 2023 at Marión Art Gallery, Panama. You can buy a limited edition of prints via the gallery.
Exhibition View | Marión Art Gallery, Panama