Despite over 150 years of psychology, the unconscious remains as vague and powerful as the gods it emancipated itself from. As a reservoir of our past experiences, it stores urges and feelings that we rationally have no access to. However some images can open these doors, trigger emotions and unlock memories.

Using archetypes and symbolic acts, Eldagsen’s work speaks to the language of the unconscious and communicates on a dreamlike level. His visual poetry transports the viewer between the sublime and the uncanny – where the attributes of photography, painting, theatre and film unite.

THE POEMS is a meta-series of  115 single images  and 10 videos. The work is exhibited as site-specific installations with changing combinations of wallpaper, objects, photographs and video. Each new combination is called a LIMBO.

  • There is a contemporary Vermeer-like mystery in the images, very strong, very original. Eldagsen looks for the light, but there is more than that. There are images like the Mona Lisa, that will last forever.

    Carlos Carvalho, FestFoto Porto Alegre, (Brazil)

  • These cinematic images capture an in-between moment (l’attente) where something is about to happen but you don’t know yet. They force the viewer to come back to their own memory and ask why am I touched by this?

    Xavier Canonne, Musée de la Photographie Charleroi (Belgium)

  • No doubt, Boris Eldagsen holds a singular position in the actual photo and art scene. Instead of following the usual visual strategies, he aims at the unconscious. Where others are afraid of the kitsch trap, he invites feelings.

    Photonews (Germany)

  • What we encounter in the work is someone looking back at us, with the kind of gaze that meets you in the mirror, and you’re not quite sure if you are looking at yourself or a stranger.

    Wim Melis & Hester Keijser, Noorderlicht Festival (Netherlands)

  • These deep and attractive works use all the facilities of painting, theatre, and of cinema.

    Evgeny Berezner, ROSIZO State Centre for Museums (Russia)

  • With his photographic visions Boris Eldagsen accompanies the viewer into another dimension.

    Huffington Post (Italy)

  • When people play with symbolism, it is often shallow, but there is so much depth here, Greenaway and Buñuel come to my mind. But I have never seen anything like this before.

    Christophe Laloi, Voies Off Arles (France)

  • Diese Aufnahmen erzählen keine eindeutigen, linearen Geschichten, sondern sie sind wie ein Gespräch mit den eigenen Gefühlen und Erinnerungen. Wie Gedichte haben die Fotos eine offene, vieldeutige Struktur; es geht um das Geheimnisvolle, Assoziative, das tief in die geistigen und körperlichen Erinnerungen hineinreicht.

    Dr.Ernst Busche (Germany)


  • Mystic, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin / Germany