In having your portrait made, we’ll undergo a process in which your unconscious is mapped via what I call tumblr Bingo. From this I’ll find a suitable location and stage the portrait with you.

What is tumblr Bingo?

Over the years I’ve collected images from tumblr that I intuitively respond to. These images form a wild mix from art history, pop culture oddities and trash. In a second step I put these images in categories I’ve derived from this material, such as ‘Masks’, ‘Fire’, ‘Universe’, ‘Desert’ etc, to form an ‘image map’ of my unconscious. To match this map with yours, I will send you an email with the 40+ names of the categories from which you choose your favourite five. From your selected categories I will handpick 25 images and send them in another email to you. Then it’s your turn to respond to these images and re-mail those that have an intuitive effect on you. The remaining images form the inspiration for the shoot.

Here’s an example: A model chose 10 remaining images, amongst them a burning book and a christening scene. In my mind those two immediately became one. What if the person who is held under water holds a burning book over the water’s surface?

As a photo session is always in flux, the original idea will transform itself into an image we may not have otherwise arrived at. I never copy the images a model selects in the tumblr bingo process. I use them as a starting point to another dimension, like a bungee jumper would use a bridge to jump from.

How many persons can be part of the shoot?

I can do a single, couple or group portrait.

How long does the shoot take?

A photo session usually requires 4 hours.

What will you get from the shoot?

You will receive 3 files from the session, which have been retouched and prepared for printing.

How do we start?

Contact me now to get a quote that caters to your needs and budget.