Fake Memories

work in progress, 2022 – ongoing

PSEUDOMNESIA ( Ψευδο / μνέσια) is the classic Greek term for a pseudo memory, a fake memory, such as a spurious recollection of events that never took place, as opposed to a memory that is merely inaccurate.

The following images have been co-produced by the means of AI (artificial intelligence) image generators.

Using the visual language of the 1940s, Boris Eldagsen produces his images as fake memories of a past, that never existed, that no-one photographed. These images were imagined by language and re-edited more between 20 to 40 times through AI image generators, combining “inpainting”, “outpainting” and “prompt whispering” techniques.

Just as photography replaced painting in the reproduction of reality, AI will replace photography. Don’t be afraid of the future. It will just be more obvious that our mind always created the world that makes it suffer.

You can buy a limited edition of prints via Photo Edition Berlin.

Part II

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