My first gallery show in London is the most ironic one I’ve done (apart from SUPERHIGH). For me, art is an expression of the “Conditio Humana” and oscillates between beauty and disturbance. High and low, humour and tragedy are coordinates between which I navigate as an artist.

Find the whole documentation HERE, including the YouTube gallery walk.

An ironic comment on beauty & the art market
Multimedia Installation, unique pieces, 2024

The now iconic image “The Electrician” (which shows 2 women but no electrician) was laid out as a shrine in a closet. Next to the entrance, which is covered by a flag, are 3 “favourite album covers” and the “toolbox” of the ominous “Electrician”.

My work occupies half of the gallery space in the exhibition “POST-PHOTOGRAPHY | The Uncanny Valley” and is an exciting counterpoint to the works of Nouf Aljowaysir and Benn Millar Cole.

18.04. – 18.05.2024 | Palmer Gallery, 15 Hatton Street, NW8 8PL, Lisson Grove, London