Dutch magazine GUP – Guide to Unique Photography is showcasing my work in an online portfolio.
This is what they write about it:

It almost feels like you are entering a David Lynch film set as you flick through the photographs of How To Disappear Completely by the German Boris Eldagsen. How To Disappear Completely is a meta-series of single images that we can combine in various shapes and sizes. If you put the single images together, it will show a picture story that overall has a mythical and futuristic load.

Within his photographs, Eldagsen wants to seek the limits of what can be depicted and dares the viewer to resort to their own memories and feelings. He combines street photography and staged photography, without using any excessive materials or digital effects. By utilising external reality to paint inner reality, he creates images that feel nearly otherworldly.

Next to the photographs of How To Disappear Completely, Boris also produced videos that are an extension of his photographic work, called VIDEO POEMS. Interested? Click here to see them.