17. März 2018, Vernissage: 7 pm
18.–23. März 2018, 6–11 pm
24. März–7. April 2018, Saturdays & Sundays only, 2 – 6 pm

Kunstraum KA:OST, Hanauer Landstr. 48a, 60314 Frankfurt

Being part of the official Luminale program, this photo exhibition features work by Boris Eldagsen (Berlin), Werner Mansholt (Darmstadt), Eckart Bartnik (Wiesbaden), Dirk Johanns (Frankfurt), Wolfgang Raith (Frankfurt).

Light can brighten, it can clarify and show things, but light of itself is invisible. Only when it strikes matter, can we perceive light. That light also has character is something we feel at every sunrise, or every visit to a bar.

In the exhibition COMING TO LIGHT, 5 photographers describe the magic of light and how it subtly influences our moods. Be it in an urban environment, in nature, or our private sphere, the exhibited works trace the various characters of light, suggesting that not only music, but light, too, directly influences our emotional world.

Light is music without sound.