Collaboration with Australian artist Natascha Stellmach.
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Channelled on a sunny afternoon in a small town near Linz, Austria: Alois and Klara Hitler said that “Hell” is absolute. His mother needed serious psychotherapy due to the havoc that her son had created for her, even in death! We have to talk to Freud about that.

This new work premiered alongside the ‘ORACLES’ of R.W.Fassbinder, Leni Riefenstahl, Max Ernst, Friedrich Nietzsche and Egon Schiele and a bunch of doomed white lillies in the ‘What Happened to God?’ exhibition at Halle 14 Leipzig. Also featuring works by Christian Jankowski, Marc Bijl, Cristina Lucas, Peter Beste, Boris Eldagsen and Per Teljer.

March 3 – April 1, 2012