Damian Zimmermann’s column in ProfiFoto deals with current phenomena and surveys in the German photo scene. Here is his survey on AI-generated photography.

‘They are called DALL-E 2, Dreamstudio, Midjourney, Disco Diffusion or NightCafe and promise nothing less than the revolution of the image market: thanks to Machine Learning Imagery, these Artificial Intelligences create photo-realistic images based on image uploads or text input. But with what advantages and disadvantages for photographers, creatives and our society?

For my survey in ProfiFoto, I asked Lars Bauernschmitt, Boris Eldagsen, Robert Kneschke, Jan Schmolling (KJF) and Alexandra Lechner (BFF) about their opinions and experiences. You can find the result of the survey here as a PDF (in German).’

Here is the German version as a screenshot: