Another Multiverse

I am very happy to have a big show in my hometown. The site-specific installation  ‘Another Multiverse’ pays homage to the multiverse theory,  which contains all possible parallel worlds. In my installation, I connect my works with the objects of Paolo Treni (Italy) and my collaborative works with Tanvir Taolad (Bangladesh) and Kupalua / Lab LUXZ_ (Brasil).


May 29th to July 13th,  2019, Tuesday to Fridays 12 – 6pm


Wednesday, May 29th, 7pm


Luisa Catucci Gallery, Allerstr. 38, 12049 Berlin | T +49 (0)176 20404636 |

Special Event: ‘Multiverse Self-Interview’

For the Berlin Art Festival “48 Stunden Neukölln“ I will be interviewíng myself.  A hypothetical I will have a conversation with the factual me. 

Luisa Catucci Gallery, Saturday 15.6.19 – 7pm

3D Tour of the installation

Installation Views