I am very happy that my work THE SCHOOL OF TIME (no cure) returns to Moscow, where it has been shown by the Media Art Lab in 2008.

From 5 March to 18 April, the ZIL Cultural Centre is hosting the international exhibition “023Ч”. , curated by Mikhail Sapunov. The exhibition features works that reflect the aesthetics of everyday life in three European capitals: Moscow, Berlin, and Paris.

The exhibition shows the different forms of human life in these three cities; its aim is not only to show street art, but also to tell about how the street makes personal art public.

Mikhail Sapunov, curator of the exhibition: ” 023CH” is the number of the train whose route begins in Moscow, passes through Berlin and ends in Paris. The train is not only an image of movement, but a tool for observing the surrounding reality. Its speed allows you to fix the landscapes and fragments of everyday life you encounter on the way, without focusing on one thing. “023Ч” underlines the importance of art, which independently becomes part of everyday life without the need for conscious creation. The leitmotif of the exhibition is a modern human being, his personal stories and artistic experiences: The letter “H” in the exhibition title indicates this .”

The exhibition features works by Moscow, Berlin and Parisian artists of different formats: Graffiti, digital and film photographs, video works, installations, sketches and illustrations of city life, art objects. Street artists, inspired by the urban environment, simultaneously consider what and how it can be diversified. Their interaction with urban space shapes urban culture.


Moscow: Ekaterina Adelskaya, Jan Bardachenko, Ivan Bogdanov, Sergei Golovkin Nikolay Davlianidze, Abram Wild, Golden Zeeb Timothy Illarionov, Love Kalashnikov, Cyril Kipyatkov, Natalie Lahtina, Daria Lukyanov , Willow Peace, Ivan Nikic- Krilichevsky, Elizabeth Novikova Alexander Sokolov, F20, Rust2D, 5tep5, SUM.

Paris: KX77FREE (Claudia Kalensky), Rozenn Veauvy, Paul Neltner, Hervé Rigody, f12.

Berlin: ba03030, Boris Eldagsen, Christopher Land, Emma Waltraud Howes, Sally Osborn.