A special from ‘dieMotive – Podcast on the Culture of Photography’.

Thanks to Alexander Hagmann (dieMotive podcast) for this almost two-hour dialogue about artificially generated images, photography and art.

‘Image generation through artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips since DALL E2 at the latest. In the meantime, the technical development in the field of artificial/automated image generation is so fast that I decided to take a short breather at the end of the year and invited Boris Eldagsen to talk to me about it. Even though we appear again and again as dialogue partners within various DFA formats, we have never entered into a real dialogue in public. This is now a thing of the past. Since the middle of 2022, Boris has been working intensively on the various AI forms and possibilities and has not only given several lectures on the topic. He also already offers workshops on the topic of AI and photography.

We don’t really agree, but somehow we do. We go round in circles, but then still get off the ground well. Nothing more should be written about this podcast episode. Not everything has been said or calculated, but it’s a start.

Listen to the conversation on spotify (in German) or one of the other platforms Alex is using: https://diemotive.de/ein-podcast-zum-hype-um-kuenstlich-generierte-bilder/

Here is the KI-generated image Alex asked me to produce for the podcast teaser ;-):