I am happy that two of our images from THE RABBIT HOLE made it into the DIPF Festival, shortly after the premiere of the work in Arles. Learn more about THE RABBIT HOLE here.


2021. 7. 16 – 2022 | Donggang Museum of Photography, Outdoor Exhibition Space

Exhibition Overview: “The International Open Call Exhibition invites a wide array of photographers from all around the world and thus captures the essence of today’s photography. This year, the exhibition is subtitled “Be Brilliant!” As a photographer delves deep into one’s subject, the relation between a photographer and his or her subject is continuously negotiated and renewed. There is little room for pure luck there. Self-awareness and worldview is always reflected in the works of a photographer since they affect the photographer’s inner life in the name of a dream. With the time’s passing, a photographer’s dream matures, slowly but steadily, against the difficulties presented by various factors such as uncertainty, imperfections, deficiencies, fear, and bad habits. It is exciting to witness an artwork that has survived such a painful period of maturation. This summer, we will be witnessing the collective light emanating from the works of photographers that stood the test of time. Surely, that will be a brilliant thing to see.”

Curator: HeeJung KIM

Artists: Alex YUDZON, Aljohara JEJE, *Alnis STAKLE, Andrea ALKALAY, Andrej POLUKORD, Antonio PÉREZ, Boris ELDAGSEN & Tanvir TAOLAD, Carloman Macidiano Céspedes RIOJAS, Etinosa YVONNE, Hiro TANAKA, KyeongJun YANG, Lars KLINGENBERG, Lydia PANAS, Malcolm EASTON, Miloushka BOKMA, Pan WANG, Pietro Lo CASTO, Younes MOHAMMAD,Yu-Chen CHIU