I am happy to have had an 1-hour-chat with Jens Pepper, on photography, my video collaborations and voodoo dolls. Check it out here (in German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3jKv0qmTzU

‘Pepper’s Photo Chat is the collaborative interview project of Jens Pepper and Philip Dresmann.

For many years, Jens Pepper has been conducting in-depth conversations with photographers and numerous other protagonists from the world of photography. His current books are ‘Fotoszene Berlin’ and ‘Gespräche über polnische Fotografie’ (both KLAK Verlag, Berlin). The interviews also appear in Photonews and the magazine brennpunkt, on his blog Obst und Muse and in catalogues.

Philip Dresmann is an aspiring filmmaker who, in addition to several short and feature-length film projects, is now co-founder and managing director of the production company Bildgewalt.