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CRAZY ANIMAL FACE, the Music & Arts plattform out of Manchester / UK asked me for my 5 favourite movie recommendations. Here’s my pick, welcome to my brain:

‘5 Favourite Movies’ with Boris Eldagsen

Post by Your Mom’s Agency, Portrait by Katrin Koenning

Third time around for movie recommendations by creative minds, please let me introduce award-winning and internationally exhibited photographer, Boris Eldagsen. His work revolves around the idea of losing oneself, from the metaphysical to the erotic. Eldagsen likes to hijack and transform the external reality to paint an inner room beyond space and time, inaccessible to the rational mind; he’s like a modern surrealist image poet, a character you will notice in his choice of films and in his next projection at Turn Around Around Bright Eyes if you happen to be in Berlin in October.

> The Legend of Kaspar Hauser by Davide Manuli, Italy 2012

A surreal, black & white techno infused version of the German legend of a boy who grew up in a darkened cell. Vincent Gallo plays the central double role as good cop / bad cop, mad as ever.

> Songs from the Second Floor by Roy Andersson, Sweden 2000

This guy is a visionary, a true poet. He created a truly unique style in this pastel colour apocalyptic labyrinth of vignettes and absurdities.

> Holy Motors by Leos Carax, France 2012

Enigmatic, delightful, twisted, or as Rotten Tomatoes writes, “Mesmerizingly strange and willfully perverse, an unforgettable visual feast alongside a spellbinding – albeit unapologetically challenging – narrative.

> Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mexico 1973

The masterpiece of one of the most fascinating artists alive. A wild beast and a spiritual monster. The movie takes turns and always surprises you. It has one of the best endings ever. Don’t read Wikipedia before watching…spoiler alert!

> The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover by Peter Greenaway, UK 1989

Mind-blowing. A wild mix of cannibalism, music and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fashion. A truly baroque tale about violence, power and its variety of forms.


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