THE SCHOOL OF CYBERSEX (soft self portrait)(2012)

1-Channel Video
16:9 HD
3:33 mins loop

In this personal work Boris Eldagsen uses webcam footage and voice excerpts of people he had cybersex with between 2000 and 2003. Exposing their guided masturbation he draws an indirect and unflattering portrait of himself, a discomforting yet honest reflection of what lies at the heart of this private addiction of many. Combining split screen and flipped webcam imagery with a heartbeart-driven soundscape THE SCHOOL OF CYBERSEX (soft self portrait) examines another redemptive way of losing oneself.

Link available for curators on request


* ‚Espacio Enter Canarias – International Festival of Creativity Innovation & Digital Culture‘, TEA, Tenerife / Spain
* ‚Strange Representations‘, Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa / Canada
* ‚The Memory Palace‘, WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg / Canada
* ‚Faraway, So Close!‘ Fichte-Bunker Berlin / Germany